Applied Machinery Sales March 2019 Newsletter

AMS is growing! Just last year, we added the VF-Venieri line of loaders, a complement to our Merlo telehandlers. This year, we are adding onto our physical plant. We have added to our sales team…-read more-

Applied Machinery Sales February 2019 Newsletter

AMS took the floor in February at the American Rental Association – The Rental Show ’19 in Anaheim, CA. with three exciting machines. The VF-1.33B compact backhoe loader, the VF2.63Plus wheel loader, -read more-

Applied Machinery Sales January 2019 Newsletter

World of Concrete 2019 wrap up. AMS had a new location this year. Located within the main hall. Introducing the Merlo Roto R50.35 S Plus with tilt cab -read more-

Applied Machinery Sales November 2018 Newsletter

Machines that work year ’round. Winter ready! The Equinox has passed. We turned back the clocks. For many of us, even here in the Carolinas, the temps are cooler, the days are shorter, leaves are falling and when you are in the machinery business, this means…  think snow!

Applied Machinery Sales Newsletter – July 2018

Arriving this summer at AMS, AIRO self-propelled aerial work platforms! Models range from Scissors, Articulated, Vertical, Spider, and Telescopic. Whatever your material or personnel access requirement, AIRO has it covered. More details in our next issue. Can't wait until then? Contact your territory manager for details. Visit our Rock Hill, SC location. 803-327-4949. Venieri heavy [...]

Applied Machinery Sales Newsletter – May 2018

The Roto. 360 Degrees of Productivity AMS-Merlo has 18 model lines available for 2018. This month, we continue our series of available Merlo models with the Roto line of telehandlers. Rotos are unique to the heavy equipment industry as they offer versatility in site work that would normally require several pieces of equipment. Packed within [...]

AMS-Merlo Newsletter April 2018

Multifarmer-Agriculture's Cross-Over Vehicle AMS-Merlo has 17 model lines available for 2018. This month, we continue our series on the available Merlo models. Today, meet the MF40.9 Multifarmer. Of the four telehandler classes Merlo offers the agriculture industry – Compact, Turbofarmer, Panoramic, and Multifarmer—it’s the Multifarmer that is agriculture’s cross-over vehicle. Merlo’s Multifarmer models combine the [...]

AMS-Merlo Newsletter March 2018

Small Yet Mighty: The P27.6Plus AMS-Merlo has 18 model lines available for 2018. This month, we begin a series of available Merlo models. First up: Merlo’s Compact model, the P27.6Plus. It is compact (footprint: 12’8” x 6’ x 6’3”) yet nimble. The small and mighty P27.6Plus could park in your garage, as well as in [...]


VF-Venieri trade show schedule

Power personified in the Venieri VF13.63B wheel loader

VF-Venieri’s13.63B wheel loader packs a lot of features into its compact frame. It offers operators maximum visuals by minimizing blind spots, simple functionality of its controls, a diagnostic interface for enhanced machine monitoring, advanced soundproofing, reduced cab vibration, and a driver’s seat with comfort built right in. On the mechanical side..-more-